Directed by Steven Spielberg

Produced by Jan Harlan

Walter F. Parkes

Stanley Kubrick (posthumous credit)

Written by Brian Aldiss (short story)

Ian Watson

Starring Haley Joel Osment

Jude Law

Music by John Williams


Distributed by Warner Bros. (U.S.); Dreamworks LLC (outside the U.S.)

Released June 26, 2001 (New York City premiere)

June 28, 2001 (Los Angeles premiere)

June 29, 2001


The story begins in the 22nd century, when an ecological disaster has resulted in a drastic reduction of the land area of the Earth and also of the human population.

These problems have been successfully addressed by technology. Androids with very high levels of artificial intelligence (called mechas, as opposed to orgas for "organics", i.e. humans) have become commonplace but have been granted no civil rights and must submit to government registration or else be destroyed. While mechas have a level of intelligence comparable to that of humans, they seem to lack emotion. They are also able to simulate certain body functions, such as sexual intercourse, but not others, such as eating or sleeping.

Henry and Monica Swinton are a married couple whose son is extremely sick and near death. In hopes of cheering up his wife, Henry agrees to his company's offer to let him bring home and test a prototype of an extremely advanced humanoid mecha that looks like a boy about the age of their hospitalized son, and which is supposed to be capable of feeling love. The mecha's name is David (named after the creator's late son) and although Monica is initially frightened of the android, she eventually warms to him after activating his experimental imprinting technology, which makes the mecha feel love for her as a child loves a parent.

The couple's son eventually recovers from his disease and returns from the hospital. This prompts a sibling rivalry between the mecha David and the Swintons' real son, who delights in taunting David, chiefly by telling him that Monica will never love him because he isn't "real". After David by accident nearly drowns the Swintons' son, Monica sets out to return him to the manufacturer. But fearing that David will be dismantled, she instead releases him in the forest of rural New Jersey to live as an unregistered robot, accompanied by his animatronic teddy bear friend, named Teddy. David is soon captured and nearly destroyed by a group of anti-robot activists at an event they organize called a Flesh Fair. He narrowly escapes with the help of Gigolo Joe, a male prostitute mecha, who is on the run after being framed for the murder of one of his clients.

The two become friends and set out to find the Blue Fairy, who David remembers from the fairy tale "Pinocchio" as a being who has the power to turn him into a real boy. If he becomes a real boy, he imagines, Monica will love him and take him back. With the assistance of some sympathetic frat boys on a road trip, Joe and David make their way to the decadent metropolis known as Rouge City (perhaps a 22nd century Philadelphia), in search of the knowledge that will lead them to the Blue Fairy.

An oracular computer personality called Dr. Know (voiced by Robin Williams) eventually leads David, with Joe in tow, to his manufacturers' offices at the top of a building in the flooded ruins of Manhattan. There, he sees that he is not unique and his manufacturers have created dozens of copies of him. This fact seems to disturb him as he meets and destroys one of his copies, and, disheartened, he jumps from the office into the ocean.

David is fished from the ocean by Joe in a stolen amphibicopter (amphibious helicopter), but before he is pulled up he sees the Blue Fairy on the bottom of the ocean. After Joe is seized by the police, David flies the amphibicopter back under the water, where it's revealed that what he saw was a statue of the Blue Fairy in the submerged ruins of Coney Island. Naïvely believing it to be the real Blue Fairy, he makes his wish to be turned into a real boy. But the ruins of the Wonder Wheel collapse on the amphibicopter, no longer able to take David back to the water's surface, so he simply waits for the wish to come true. David waits for many years, sitting in the amphibicopter on the bottom of the ocean and staring at the Blue Fairy statue.

In one of the longest flash forwards in motion picture history (not including stories with a major time-travel theme), the action skips to two thousand years later. Manhattan is buried under several hundred feet of glaciers and the human species is extinct. Highly advanced humanoid mechas conducting an archaeological excavation discover David and reactivate him (the ambiguity of these characters' origin, as well as their appearance, have led many to conclude that they are not mechas, but rather extraterrestrials; however, Spielberg has made it clear that they are in fact the mechas of the future). David is deeply upset to be permanently separated from Monica, and eventually the creatures offer to revive her from a few strands of her hair that Teddy saved all this time, although if they do so she will only live for one day and she can never be revived again. David eagerly accepts the offer, and spends one long day alone with Monica, basking in her love. The film ends as Monica and David lie down at the end of the day, to go to "the place where dreams are born."

The Ending

This ending has been subject to some debate. Many argue that it was really a dark ending masquerading as a happy one. Some observers claimed that the resurrected Monica was in fact an illusion or psychological manipulation created by the advanced Mechas so David can finally settle down peacefully and end his long, sad quest. The resurrected Monica was much warmer than her normal self, and many point out that during the long day she spent with David, she never asked about her husband Henry or her son, Martin. The ending also became a matter of debate among science fiction fans from a storytelling standpoint, with one side supporting the ending and hailing it (and the film as a whole) a classic, and the other side of the opinion that the ending was unnecessary and the film should have ended with David trapped with the Blue Fairy. The debate over the ending is also complicated by the fact that many viewers mistake the advanced mechas for extraterrestrials. They bear some resemblance to extraterrestrials in another Spielberg film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.



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